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We are so proud of the advances in technology that have been made this year at CMCS. As with all Montessori materials, there is a gradual transition from level to level. Technology is no different.


Lower Level (LL) students enjoy a shared device environment in the classroom and a stationary computer lab. In this model, all LL classrooms are equipped with 12 iPads to use in small group lessons and as a tool for learning via Montessori apps and videos. Pearson SuccessMaker, a program aimed at reinforcing math and reading skills, and QwertyTown, a program designed to teach students valuable keyboard skills, are two programs students use during their computer lab time.


As students bridge to Upper Level (UL), the device becomes more individualized in a 1:1 model. A portion of students’ curriculum content, planner, and assignments are utilized through the iPads as students approach transition to higher grade levels.


When students reach 6th grade and advance to the Secondary I (SI) program, their entire classroom content is on the device. Students are expected to use the iPad as their digital locker, complete with planner, notebook, textbooks, and other materials needed for their daily academic life.


As stated in the iPad User Agreement, our purpose is to provide a truly participatory and authentic learning environment that heightens student engagement, advances academic growth, and intensifies the desire to learn. We hope to inspire students to create, innovate, communicate, collaborate, research, problem-solve, and think critically.


We understand that with technology comes concern regarding internet safety and security. Digital citizenship, internet etiquette, and proper research techniques are conversations that will take place in the classroom, and we encourage you to continue the discussion at home.


The Upper Level and Secondary I students have been instructed to keep their usernames and passwords in their planners for the programs that are being utilized. These are not to be shared with other students. We invite you to discuss this openly and often with your child. 

Technology at CMCS

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