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My name is Liska Garcia Rovi. The students call me Señora Liska. I am originally from the Republic of Panama. I moved to the United States to pursue my professional career at the age of seventeen. I earned a bachelor's degree at the University of Miami in Elementary Education and Psychology and a master's degree in Educational Leadership from Florida State University. I believe each child is worthy of my time and attention to foster their interest to become the best version of themselves.


As your student’s Spanish teacher, I will provide him/her with the tools he/she need to communicate in both written and verbal form. We will work on listening, reading for comprehension, and expanding knowledge of the world through Hispanic culture, as we progress through the curriculum. 


Lower Elementary students will focus on vocabulary acquisition and cultural awareness. Vocabulary will include shapes, animals, calendar vocabulary, colors, school supplies, body parts, family members, identifying a person or thing, greetings, clothing, and numbers up to 50.


Upper Elementary students will continue to focus on vocabulary acquisition and cultural awareness. Subjects will include school subjects, transportation, foods and meals, numbers up to 100, verbs (meaning), and sports. They will be engaging in short social conversations, reading, writing, and listening to vocabulary in context.


Middle School students use the Asi se dice curriculum to expand their Spanish knowledge.


Please know that I welcome your feedback, questions, and concerns. Feel free to contact me via email at

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