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Expressed Concern Policy

There are times when parents need to express concerns or questions to the school regarding a variety of topics. As mentioned before, CMCS strongly believes that parents should contact the individual(s) most appropriate to address their area of concern/question.


For the most part, all communication should start with the teachers. If you have concerns/questions about your individual student, their grades, their work in class, etc., you need to contact your child’s teachers first. If the issue is not clarified, you would then contact the Principal and/or Assistant Principal. Contacting the CMCS Board of Directors would be the last step if your concern/question has not been satisfactorily addressed by the teachers or CMCS Administration. Please see the CMCS website for a complete list of contact information for our staff. We have provided a link on the CMCS website under Parent Links from the Pasco County School’s District website concerning any ethical violations.


If you have specific questions regarding the Human Growth and Development course, you would need to contact the school nurse assigned to CMCS. The front office can provide contact


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