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Total Counts for the 2021-2022 School Year

                                  54 Student Cases

                                    3 Staff Cases

               Archive Case Counts:

               August 2021

              September 2021

              October 2021

              November 2021

              December 2021

              January 2022

CMCS Positive Case Protocol

Parents and staff will need to report a confirmed positive case or close contact with a positive case by emailing or texting Ms. Devon at 813-444-6160. Please note that if you are reporting a positive case, you must upload a copy of the positive test results.

The Department of Health will determine which individuals need to quarantine due to close contact with a positive case. Close contact is defined as within three feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more.

The Department of Health will review each case and make a recommendation. Individuals who need to quarantine should receive a Department of Health letter provided by CMCS, as well as an automated call, text and/or email. 

CMCS will not conduct a school-wide notification of a positive case. Reports of COVID-19 will be available here on our dashboard. Direct notification will be limited to students or staff who are required to quaratine.

Contact Information:


Phone: Ms. Devon 813-444-6160

District Covid-19 Protocols

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